Paddling Through Icebergs

“30 minutes South of Buffalo brings some fun, long waves and a great creek entrance to the lake.”

The only thing money is good for is traveling and gear! Buffalo is known for its cold snowy winters. So when we get a chance to paddle the creeks and lakes in January it is a blessing! I geared up with all my essential cold weather paddling attire, my Kokatat Polartech power dry liner, Kokatat Icon Dry Suit, and Orbit PFD and headed to Lake Erie. I knew it would be cold and id be paddling through ice chunks so I choose my Pau Hana Ricochet Board and my Kialoa Insanity Paddle for the durability. As soon as I hit the water I was so grateful to own this gear that allows me to paddle in any condition!

Christian gearing up with her Kokatat cold water paddling gear
Christian gearing up with her Kokatat cold water paddling gear

I had to enter the water by a local creek because that’s where the water was flowing out. The shores of the lake were piled with snow and ice mounds and it was too slippery to cross with a board. When I first attempted I slipped and fell and cut my hand open on ice. While entering the creek I spotted a Bald Eagle and it instantly made me so grateful to be out on the chilly water instead of bundled up on the couch watching tv.

Entering the water at Silver Creek boat launch
Iceberg Adventure Paddling
Iceberg Adventure Paddling

I paddled through some beautiful Icebergs then headed out into the lake. We had very high winds the night before and while coming out of the creek I spotted waves near some sea cliffs. I paddled over and was able to catch 3-4 foot waves and catch some 40 second rides all the way to shore. It was a great gift to surf the lake in January! I’m so lucky where I live. The day before this I was Ice climbing and the next 3 days we will have whitewater. This is the perfect time of year to cross train with the right gear!

Christian Paddling through Icebergs - Silver Creek, NY
Christian Paddling through Icebergs – Silver Creek, NY


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