Stand Up Paddle Boards and Kayaks


Our paddle boards and kayaks are very beginner friendly. With quick and easy instruction, we will get you out on the water having fun.

Paddle Board and Kayak Rentals

  • One Hour Rental: $25 per person
  • Half Day (3 hr) Rental: $55 per person
  • Full Day (6 hr) Rental: $75 per person
  • Two Day Rental: $135 per person

Guided Tours

We have amazing guided paddling trips here in WNY. Cruise along the sea cliffs, rivers, or lake shores with us. Explore and discover the various forms of wildlife including bald eagles and herons.

Guided SUP and Kayak Trip

  • Two Hour Paddling Trip: $65 per person
  • Margarita Sunset Paddling Tour: $80 per person
    • Come explore Lake Erie’s incredible coast and after the paddle, enjoy a Margarita on the patio with us!
  • Overnight Paddling Trip: $120 per person
    • Camping gear and equipment provided
    • Includes 2 meals

Specialty Classes

Take a SUP Yoga class and learn how to be a floating yogi on the water, or get comfortable fishing in your kayak on the lake. Whether you are looking for basic paddling instruction or advanced paddling technique, our instructors are the best in the business. We offer an abundance of classes suited for anyone at every level.

1.5 Hour Classes

  • Intro to Paddling: $45 per person
  • Advanced Paddling: $45 per person
  • SUP Yoga and SUP Fitness: $45 per person
  • Regular Surfing and/or SUP Surfing: $65 per person

Two Hour Classes

  • SUP White Water Lesson: $120 per person
  • SUP Fishing and/or Kayak Fishing: $120 per person


  • SUP Guide and Tour
  • SUP Guide and Tour
  • SUP Guide and Tour
  • SUP Guide and Tour
  • SUP Yoga
  • SUP Yoga
  • SUP Guide and Tour
  • SUP Yoga
  • SUP Guide and Tour
  • SUP Guide and Tour
  • SUP Guide and Tour
  • Yoga Poses on a SUP
  • SUP Guide and Tour
  • Christian Surfing on Lake Erie
  • Playing around on Pau Hana Oahu SUP
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